Steve Lang




Steve has worked in the outdoor industry for nearly 20 years, turning a passion for the outdoors into a career, after finishing as a Chief Instructor at a local and highly regarded company, SALT Training was formed.  To date, his work has enabled him to work with some fantastic people in some fantastic locations. This career has also enabled him to travel within the UK as well as locations abroad such as Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Scandinavia and Greenland. 

Steve is a member of the British Association of International Mountain Leaders, a Swift Water Rescue Technician and a Course Director for Mountain Training. Steve has also attained nationally recognised coaching and instructor awards for climbing and paddle sport.

Steve's enthusiasm is boundless and he is always keen to pass on his knowledge so others can experience what the outdoors can offer.

When not working Steve is an active member of his local Search and Rescue Team on Dartmoor. He has been a call out member for over 20 years, this also includes providing and assisting with water rescue and rope work training. He can be seen in his spare time running the hills, mountain biking or paddling local rivers or coastline. His camera is never far, enabling him to capture our ever changing landscape.

All photography provided by Steve Lang